Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Call for Submission } "Guess the Artist" Exhibition


"Calling Artists to take part in this unique art show"

"Inspired by “Spot the artist: Postcards from the RCA's Secret sale” yet another open call art exhibition, for all emerging, established and prominent artists together under one roof. All artworks sized equally 21cm X 29cm without name tag or title, with a price tag of 1000Dhs for each. It’s an exhibition full of excitement and thrill for art collectors and lovers alike. You will not know who is behind the artwork until it has been bought, so to all art fanatics, here comes a show that will test your knowledge."
Date }  1 - 12th of Feb 2011
} Guess the Artist
Type of exhibition
} Group Art Exhibition
} Ghaf Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi
} Sumayyah Al Suwaidi
For participating } Application form with terms and conditions
For Inquiries }  sumayyah1711@gmail.com

Interesting, is it? 
Best of Luck yall!

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